Yakutsk, Russia
June 25 - July 5, 2017

The annual
international project

The 10th International
Research School



26 Feb 2017

IRS Organizing Committee Visits Yakutia

irs-organizing-committee-visits-yakutia February 15-17, three members of the IRS organizing committee visited the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), where they met  the School's partners,who are now helping us organize the event and will assist us in holding it this summer. Durig their stay in Sakha, Ksenia Salnikova, Alexey Obukhov and Anton Lukashevich visited the...
07 Feb 2017

Selecting Projects for IRS 2017

selecting-projects-for-irs-2017 We – the IRS organizing committee – had a long discussion a few days ago selecting projects for the next School. It took so long because we had been sent LOADS of projects and it was not easy to choose only 10-15 ones. Here are some photos for you to see what we do when you don't see us :)    
06 Dec 2016


irs-10-tutors-wanted Dear Friends, We invite young scientists, undergraduates and post-graduates to join us at the 10th Iternational Research School as TUTORS. You will be among the most important people at the IRS, as it is tutors who design and lead express-projects, which are the very heart and soul of the School. As the IRS tutors you...


Moscow State Pedagogical University

The pedagogical education and teacher training is an important mission of our university. Moscow State University of Education combines the tradition and modernity which expressed in the foundational pedagogical education and applied features of teaching subjects at the same time. Contemporary theoretical and applied knowledge is the main competitive factor of future teachers.

All-Russian Movement “Researcher”

All-Russian Movement “Researcher” is a non-governmental organization, which joins a great amount of creative teachers in Russia. It was set up in February 2007 and now it has 50 regional branches all over the country. The organization takes supervision in the field of putting into practice researchers of all levels.


MILSET Vostok is a new regional office of the Organization founded in 2014. It includes a number of territories in Europe and Asia, which share similar historical and cultural background, namely Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan,Tajikistan.

Ministry of Science and Education of the Sakha Republic


Sakha Juniour Science Academy

The Mission of the Sakha Junior Science Academy (SJSA) is to provide an educational environment that recognizes the unique intellectual, academic, and social/emotional needs of gifted students; to assure that gifted children grow socially, emotionally and academically to become well-adjusted, contributing members of society through SJSA activities SJSA provide a mix of educational and research activities, different topic-based sessions throughout the year, training seminars, special courses, projects, research expeditions and annual held the “Tuymaada” International Olympiads in math, physics, chemistry and computer science for U18 school students. More than 5,500 students take part in these activities per year.

North-Eastern Federal University of Yakutsk

Maxim K.Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk (NEFU), founded in 1957, is the largest higher education institution in the Russian North-East. It has 4 campuses in 4 different cities, main campus in Yakutsk, also Anadyr in Chukotka, Mirny and Neryungri in Yakutia. 17k students, 1,6k academic staff, 15 institutes, 9 faculties, 5 research institutes (Math Institute, Health Institute, Applied Ecology Institute, Regional Economy of the North Institute, the Olonkho National Epics Institute, the Kulakovsky Literary Institute) offer 119 courses. It has 12 residence halls, a botanical garden, Mammoth museum, swimming pool, sport centre.

Academy of Science of the Republic of Sakha


Yakutsk Scientific Centre of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Established in 1947. The Centre is one of the leading research centres in Eastern Russia. It comprises of 9 research institutes that carry out scientific investigation into different fields, such as diamond and precious stones geology, mining and geophysical surveying, arctic plant and animal life, arctic engineering, permafrost phenomena and aerospace studies.

Foundation for Technological Support of Education "Navigator educational technology"

The main objectives of the Centre are to promote the development of education in Russia through the selection and presentation of innovative educational practices and technologies, as well as information about the achievements of science and technology teaching community and educational authorities of the Russian Federation.

Lyceum №1553

Lyceum №1553 is a unique school, which was founded in 1992 in Moscow. The basic idea of studying is students’ research activity. Every year students provides their own reports about their researches on various topics.