Yakutsk, Russia
July 4-15, 2018

The annual
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The 11th International
Research School



06 Oct 2017

HEROES AMONG US! - Ivan Smirnov in the Top 5 of the...

heroes-among-us-ivan-smirnov-in-the-top-5-of-the-russia-s-teacher-of-the-year-contest We wrote in April, 2017 that one of the IRS team key members Ivan Smirnov became “Teacher of the Year” in Moscow. Now we are happy to tell you all that Ivan has successfully participated in the national “Teacher of the Year” contest and has been selected among the 5 best teachers of the country!We...
14 Jul 2017

IRS10 Song. Join our chorus!

irs10-song-join-our-chorus Dear IRS friends, Do you remember: ... We've travelled the world for the whole 10 years, Everybody's researching for something... Now enjoy mega hit of the IRS anniversary! Listen to the voices of our talented tutorsfeaturing OrgCom and Leaders  ;) Join our chorus! Lyrics by Evgeny Ballad and...
28 Jun 2017

All the World Singing and Dancing Together

all-the-world-singing-and-dancing-together June 28, we had the top event in the fun and entertainment part of the IRS – Cultural Evening, where the participants presented their counties and regions by singing, dancing and playing traditional games.Year after year Cultural Evenings at the IRS are getting more and more interactive. Almost every delegation tries...


All-Russian Movement “Researcher”

All-Russian Movement “Researcher” is a non-governmental organization, which joins a great amount of creative teachers in Russia. It was set up in February 2007 and now it has 50 regional branches all over the country. The organization takes supervision in the field of putting into practice researchers of all levels.


MILSET Vostok is a new regional office of the Organization founded in 2014. It includes a number of territories in Europe and Asia, which share similar historical and cultural background, namely Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan,Tajikistan.

Ministry of Science and Education of the Sakha Republic

The Ministry implements state programs in the field of education at all levels, monitors the quality of educational services and organizes teacher training. Under the auspices of the Ministry a variety of events and activities aimed at the development of creative and intellectual potential of students are held.

Sakha Juniour Science Academy

The Mission of the Sakha Junior Science Academy (SJSA) is to provide an educational environment that recognizes the unique intellectual, academic, and social/emotional needs of gifted students; to assure that gifted children grow socially, emotionally and academically to become well-adjusted, contributing members of society through SJSA activities SJSA provide a mix of educational and research activities, different topic-based sessions throughout the year, training seminars, special courses, projects, research expeditions and annual held the “Tuymaada” International Olympiads in math, physics, chemistry and computer science for U18 school students. More than 5,500 students take part in these activities per year.

Oktemsky Lyceum 

Oktemtsky Scientific and Educational center was founded in 1874 in the best traditions of philanthropy, on Ivan Pavlov’s founds. It is situated in the scenic land of valley Yerkeny, in the central Yakutia. The first school in Khangalasky region has a rich history for 143 years.

North-Eastern Federal University of Yakutsk

The university was founded in 1956 and named in honor of M.K. Amosov - a politician, who actively participated in the establishment of Soviet power in Siberia. It includes 13 institutes and 5 faculties. Branches of the NEFU are located in the cities of Anadyr, Mirny, Neryungri. The university trains experts in various fields of science and technology. The main idea behind the university and its main area of activity is the study and development of the Arctic region.

Academy of Science of the Republic of Sakha

The Academy was founded in 1993. It unites several scientific centers and departments conducting research in various areas - from geology to social sciences. Priority is given to topics related to regional specifics. In addition, the Academy trains experts and organizes scientific and educational events.

Yakutsk Scientific Centre of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Established in 1947. The Centre is one of the leading research centres in Eastern Russia. It comprises of 9 research institutes that carry out scientific investigation into different fields, such as diamond and precious stones geology, mining and geophysical surveying, arctic plant and animal life, arctic engineering, permafrost phenomena and aerospace studies.

Foundation for Technological Support of Education "Navigator educational technology"

The main objectives of the Centre are to promote the development of education in Russia through the selection and presentation of innovative educational practices and technologies, as well as information about the achievements of science and technology teaching community and educational authorities of the Russian Federation.

Lyceum №1553

Lyceum №1553 is a unique school, which was founded in 1992 in Moscow. The basic idea of studying is students’ research activity. Every year students provides their own reports about their researches on various topics.